Korhan was a guest speaker on “All Aspects of Science” a METU youtube live broadcast. He talked about ecology and environmental science, our research project on high altitude and high lattitude ecosystems,, climate change as well as experimental ecology. Korhan will  be presenting the next episode of the program with Çiğdem Atakuman, the next guest speaker, at METU Main Campus, Ankara.

Click here to watch the talk.

Korhan was a guest speaker of the ITU Journal Talks and gave a talk about climate change’s effects on polar and high-altitude ecosystems. In his speech, it was discussed climate change’s dramatic effects on biodiversity and impacts on sensitive ecosystems. Also, he mentioned observational approaches in ecology, experimental ecology, and his experiences in the Antarctic and Arctic Expeditions that he joined.

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Korhan will be giving a talk on the expeditions to extereme enviroments for ecological research on this saturday. You can attend the event with he link below:

Zoom linki: https://istanbul-edu-tr.zoom.us/j/93788873062?pwd=TEhsc3daN2xiMWdLZDhsaUZ4NnVtUT09

Meeting ID: 937 8887 3062

Passcode: 846156


We presented our research on high latitude and altitude ecosystems in the online workshop “The Climate Change and Our Seas” which was conducted by Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TÜDAV) and Institute of Marine Sciences of Middle East Technical University (IMS METU). High latitude and altitude ecosystems are sentinels of climate change and facing dramatic ecosystems shifts. We highlighted the need for further research on Turkish high altitude ecosystems. We are grateful to TÜDAV to organize such a great event to bring different fields together.

You can watch the workshop on the TÜDAV’s YouTube channel:

Korhan Özkan got selected for Turkish Academy of Science (TÜBA) 2021 Young Scientist Awards (GEBİP). We are also pleased that our collaborator Erik Jeppesen was also got TÜBA International Academy Award. More information on the awards are here. Big congratulations to Korhan and Erik for their outstanding achievements. We are grateful to TÜBA and their support to our research.

We finished our first expedition to Bolkar Mountains! We sampled the alpine lakes across the Bolkar Mountains range between the altitudes 2700-3300 m. We try to understand how these remote and isolated aquatic ecosystems respond to climate change and other anthropogenic disturbances. We conducted snap shot samplings as well as sediment cores for paleolimnology.

The expedition was conducted between 21st September 2019 and 25th September 2019. We aim at contributing to better understanding and protection of alpine lakes .

2019 Alpine Lakes Research Team: Keziban Kaynar, Korhan Ozkan, Serhat Ertugrul