We undertook a substantial effort to establish the first advanced mesocosm facility of Turkey to conduct experimental ecology research on aquatic ecosystems. We will be conducting experiments on the effect of salinisation and eutrophication in face of climate change on the lake and wetlands of Anatolia in 2021 and 2021. These facilities are being constructed as a part of the Saline Lakes Project and will be functioning at both METU Ankara and Erdemli Campuses in collaboration with Erik Jeppesen, Meryem Beklio─člu and Zuhal Aky├╝rek. We are looking forward to conducting state of the art experiments where we will be elucidating ecological dynamics many years to come.

The tanks to be used in the system have reached the mesocosm areas. In addition, the construction works of the Mesocosm experiment area in Erdemli campus started.

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